Hey there, I'm Olivia

I help determined women BEAT bipolar, anxiety, & depression so they have more energy to be truly happy & help others.


Medication & therapy are not your only options love.


Take back control, stop being defined by a diagnosis, & start living free of mental illness.



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You CAN do this!

It's time we uncomplicated bipolar, anxiety, & depression. Think of me less like your therapist and more like your best friend / drill sergeant. I've lived it, conquered it, and am here today to give you tried and tested steps to take, honest advice, and a big helping of hope.

It's time for you to start living the life you want, instead of the life you were diagnosed with. 

So one day you can look back at the way you used to see yourself and admire how much you've grown - like I am in this photo.


"By the end of my program, I could leave the house on my own to do something that wasn't an obligation to someone else. So not only have I learned to learn the triggers and warning signs of a panic attack, but also to be able to talk myself down from them if they even got that far (which they don't anymore!). Throw in the fact that I am feeling genuine kindness, forgiveness, and love towards myself on a level that I don't think I've ever truly known, and I am feeling like I'm finally the version of myself I'm meant to be! "


"I feel WAY more confident in my own skin and in what I am capable of. So much so that I finally asked to advance at work (something I have felt scared to do for over 5 years!!!), and got it! My boyfriend and family started noticing a difference after the first few weeks and I am definitely noticing changes in myself. For some people all of this comes naturally, and asking for help is so scary - but working with Olivia feels like you’re talking to a friend! "


Are you ready to...

STOP letting mental illness ruin your life, your goals, and your relationships?


START taking control of your life so you can embody freedom, ambition, confidence, and happiness?


CONQUER bipolar, anxiety, and depression YOURSELF through simple steps that you can start taking right now?

Then it's time to Beat The B.A.D.!

Want to learn more details about my program? The results my students have gotten through BTB? And how you can take back control of your life?


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