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Coaching that leads to empowered freedom from bipolar, anxiety, & depression

(aka the B.A.D.)


These ARE NOT your only options..


Being dependent on taking daily meds, or terrified of missing a dose or running out.


Talking endlessly about your problems or past to someone you feel you can't relate to.


Putting a smile on but you still feel like you're barely surviving and not thriving. 

SimplyOli students know there's a better way!

Relatable Support

Get help from someone who has actually been through the trenches & doesn't just relay text book terminology.

Stress Free Learning

We'll prioritize spending minimal time learning info & maximum time practicing what you learn so you actually see change.

Lifelong Skills

We'll equip you with skills that work specifically for YOU & help you feel prepared to handle anything in life.

I know uncontrollable thoughts & feelings suck.

With nearly two decades of first hand experience living with, beating, & coaching others through the B.A.D. I know for a fact that it's possible to live completely free from it - and I also know how to help you do the same.


"Life was NOT easy. But now, I finally have control of my anxiety & depression & I'm starting to love myself & my life in a way I never thought was imaginable. I HIGHLY recommend Olivia."


"I had been dealing with the B.A.D. for over 15 years. If you have tried everything like I had, stop right here - this program is all you'll ever need. Do it, you won't regret it!"


"When Olivia told me I could beat the B.A.D., I desperately wanted to believe her but didn't think it was in my future. Now I am thriving & am feeling like I'm finally the version of myself I was meant to be."

You CAN beat the B.A.D.!

Choose your learning style

You make a powerful commitment to yourself & your mental health while gaining access to clear steps & support from someone who gets it.

Take simple action

The little shifts in what you think & do throughout your days will compound to make a massive change that doesn't feel like a lot of work.

Beat The B.A.D.!

You'll naturally begin to enjoy life more, feel optimistic, happy, & free. Bye bye bipolar, anxiety, & depression!

Over here at SimplyOli yo' girl knows that you just want to be happy & free from the B.A.D. controlling your life. In order to truly be that way, you need to be able to choose it - and not just once, but every day. The problem is that right now the B.A.D. is determining how you think & feel, which makes you feel like you don't have control. I believe that the B.A.D. shouldn't hold you back from what you want. I also totally understand how hard it can feel to actually make a lasting change when it comes to this. That's why I took everything I learned over nearly a decade of beating the B.A.D. on my own & developed a few different modalities to help you do the same. Here's how it works - choose your learning style - take simple action - beat the B.A.D.! So choose now, that way you can stop overwhelming yourself and start feeling happy and free.

I think it's important you know...

  • I offer multiple payment options within each learning style to help you choose a way to invest in the betterment of yourself & your life that's easiest for you.
  • Everything is designed to be implemented during your daily life (at home, work, socializing, traveling, etc.) so you'll actually see improvement - Whether it's a 20 min podcast episode, one hour long video per week in Beat The B.A.D., or a book that you can take with you digitally or physically anywhere.
  • At SimplyOli we see success because we're not digging through your past or giving you a one size fix. Our focus is on how you can best help yourself right now.
  • I'll always encourage you to not wait for a "perfect time" or until things are "bad enough", because that's just fear at play. Your mental health is important and you can do this! But I believe you know best when you're ready to help yourself.

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