The 8 week program where you'll learn the exact steps to take to

conquer bipolar, anxiety, & depression.

  • What if... you could enjoy your day, and not have to worry about unwanted emotions hitting you out of nowhere…


  • What if… you knew exactly how to calm your thoughts and emotions in the moment…



  • What if… you had more energy to invest in your relationships, supporting the people you care about the most to your fullest…


...without meds, supplements, endless hours of therapy, or trying to fit generalized advice into your daily life?



Here’s where most people struggling with bipolar, anxiety, &/or depression get stuck:


  • They find out they’re dealing with a mental illness and are worried that it’s something they can’t change and will have to live with the rest of their life.
  • They still want to feel better but have no idea where to find tangible information they can actually use in their life.
  • They try therapy (because that’s what you’re supposed to do).
  • When that doesn’t work they try yoga, meditation, changing their diet, natural supplements, getting down on their knees and praying to something, anything.


Eventually when those don’t work, these people give up and feel like they’re the problem. I don’t blame them! Feeling hopeless sucks. And knowing that people around you can live normally but you’re constantly struggling can be defeating…. But it DOES NOT have to be this way!


Hey! I'm Olivia, and I founded Beat The B.A.D. I know how it feels to live with bipolar, anxiety, and depression - I was struggling with the typical med & therapy routes, and desperately wanted to live a life where I just felt happy.


I was told I would live with it the rest of my life, so I stopped dreaming, stopped trying: I just couldn’t enjoy living… until the day I got sick of living a life that I didn’t feel in control of, and decided that there HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY.


So I spent nearly the next 10 years figuring out how to beat bipolar, anxiety, and depression (the B.A.D.) on my own...


On my journey, I was able to not only able to gain the ability to change my thoughts and emotions, but I reached a point where I no longer lived with any of the B.A.D. - all without therapy, meds, or relying on anything external.. And everyone started asking how they could beat the B.A.D. and be as happy as I was.


So, I put together a program to teach the exact steps that have allowed me to enjoy life free from the B.A.D. — all through simple shifts I made in my day to day life. That is how "Beat The B.A.D." was born!


I have found that my system works best for these two types of determined women: 


  1. Women using their career path to help others live happier, healthier lives - wanting more energy, and to feel like they’re walking their talk.


  1. Women that are a major support for their friends, family, or kids - wanting to better themselves, so they can better help others.


  • I’ll give you proven steps & tools to make progress every single week.
  • ​I’ve beat the B.A.D. myself, and know exactly what it’s like to have lived with it.
  • I teach you how to trust in yourself and know what choices are best for you.
  • ​I support you with DIRECT MESSAGING anytime you need to reach out, as well as weekly check in’s.
  • I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material AND Facebook support group.
  • ​I’ll teach you how to develop your emotional control, sense of self love, and shift into a more positive perspective.
  • I care so deeply about seeing you beat this and tap into your massive potential!


When you sign up to work with me, you’ll get immediate access to the bonus module Forgive & Face Forward (this way you can acknowledge the past, forgive it, and be ready to move forward and take action). From there, you’ll spend one week at a time seeing success through... 


The A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R. Method:


Week 1 - ACTION: 

  • Break the habitual cycle of mental illness.
  • Begin taking control.
  • Taking action on physical & mental levels.
  • The result? Seeing INSTANT improvement in your mood.



  • Stronger more constructive communication with others.
  • Improving communication with yourself to come up with solutions.
  • Getting away from negative self talk.
  • The result? Feeling more compassionate for yourself & others.



  • Starting to break out of your comfort zone in a constructive way.
  • Finding the light, fun, and positives in life.
  • Building trust in what you’re capable of.
  • The result? Having a more positive outlook on life.



  • Reaching goals while maintaining your mental health.
  • Strengthening belief in your decisions.
  • Using your imagination to create your reality.
  • The result? Beginning to build a life you love.



  • Learning to understand panic attacks / mood swings / depression spells.
  • Creating a custom solution to your specific struggle.
  • Moving through episodes faster, and eventually eliminating it all together.
  • The result? Breaking free from extreme emotions.



  • Fostering self love through internal perspective.
  • Building confidence & love for yourself inside & out regardless of others opinions.
  • Detaching from mental illness defining you.
  • The result? Feeling more confidence, self love, and empowered as who you are.



  • Making a healthy lifestyle work for you.
  • Food, exercise, and head health.
  • Listening to your body & being adaptable in your approach to being healthier.
  • The result? Feeling happier, healthier, & more energized.



  • Maintaining your physical & mental health when life gets busy or stressful.
  • Knowing how to focus on priorities & where to set boundaries.
  • Becoming self aware & fully self empowered.
  • The result? Living a life that supports your positive outlook, freedom, and ambitions.



“When Olivia Told me I could beat the B.A.D., I desperately wanted to believe her but didn't think it was in my future. 8 months later, it hit me that not only had I beaten debilitating anxiety & depression that had caused me so much trouble, heartbreak, and struggle over the course of 7 years, but now I am THRIVING in my life!


Throw in the fact that I am feeling genuine kindness, forgiveness, and love towards myself on a level that I don't think I've ever truly known, and I am feeling like I'm finally the version of myself I'm meant to be!"



“I feel WAY more confident in my own skin and in what I am capable of. So much so that I finally asked to advance at work (something I have felt scared to do for over 5 years!!!), and got it! 


My boyfriend and family started noticing a difference after the first few weeks and I am definitely noticing changes in myself. For some people all of this comes naturally, and asking for help is so scary - but working with Olivia feels like you’re talking to a friend!"



The structured programming over 8 weeks was manageable and came at a rate in which I really felt I could take in the information and make some valuable change before moving on to the next module.


By participating in the program, I feel like my emotional tool box is full now, with so many skills to keep myself happy, well, and my family and friends safe and sound in my presence. 


I’m forever grateful for her insight, encouragement and good spirits through the process. Olivia has been such an inspiration and guide for me."



Where to begin lol. There were so many successes it's amazing! I don't want to cut anymore. I look for lessons instead of viewing everything as defeat. I look for the light in every situation. I am embracing myself and truly believing in my dreams and goals. I make plans and act on them. I communicate with myself and people in a clear kind way.


I feel so light and full of joy since starting this program. I have every piece of love to offer to Olivia and the work she is doing with Beat the B.A.D. She has changed my life and I am so grateful."



After finishing Beat The B.A.D. I felt so light. Like a burden had been lifted off my back. I was able to see my life with future again. I am able to stand up for myself. Not to accept the unacceptable in my life. The strength to eliminate toxic people. I was able to get back to the best version of myself. Strong, confident, and self assured. I love the person I am now. And I also know that I am deserving of that love!!!


Don’t hesitate! Just do it. Do the program for yourself. And everyone and everything else will follow (and fall into place the way it’s meant it be). You owe it to yourself! You deserve to live a life of happiness. A life filled with joy and positivity."



I have a better grasp on how to handle fear moments when they pop up. I feel stronger. I feel like I can face things in the world a lot easier. I know anxiety may try to creep up but I don't have to let it.


Beat The B.A.D. is like a beautiful red sky sunrise after a category 4 hurricane filled night. No matter how much damage has been done, you can still wake up to a new beautiful day feeling refreshed. YOU can make the change! It's there, if you will just do the work to see the sunrise inside of you."




Beat The B.A.D. is an 8 week guided program created to help you live a life free of bipolar, anxiety, and/or depression so that you have more energy to be truly happy & help others.

Actionable Steps

Tried & true simple steps that you incorporate into every day life to shift into a more positive, self empowered perspective.


Encouragement, connection, and advice from me personally along with constructive support from those moving through similar struggles.

Lifetime Access

Even after the 12 weeks is over you still have access to the support group, all of the program content, and any new material added.

Beat The B.A.D. Enrollment Is Currently Closed


With BTB closed I can focus my full attention on supporting each student one on one, and our BTB Family as a whole.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I have! And I know that might sound like a myth because of what a doctor might have told you, but I promise you it’s true - even in regards to bipolar disorder. Of course I had to first learn how to manage it internally (still being reactive) but once I started applying those techniques to my life in regards to manage stress and how I interacted with other the mood swings, depression, and anxiety completely went away (I started being proactive). Both are things I teach in the program to help fast track the process.

You won’t find any credentials, certificates, or degrees on my site and I’m not ashamed to admit that. What I do have though is experience! I struggled with bipolar, anxiety, and depression for 10 years with no improvement, and spent almost another 10 years working towards beating it. I’m always diving deeper and learning as much as I can when it comes to the mind, emotions, and personal growth but the techniques I share with you are tried and true. They have transformed my life! I know how you feel because I’ve been there, I’ve felt it, and I know what it takes to beat it.

As soon as your payment clears, you’ll be emailed your login information and the link to go to. Once logged in you’ll go into the Welcome post for a special message from me, then to the Course Outline to get the link to access the private Facebook group and to get a walk through of how things will go, and finally to the bonus module Forgive & Face Forward. Week 1 will unlock the next day!

Of course you do! I teach the courses through pre-recorded videos so that I actually have more time to show up for everyone in the program and offer personalized feedback! I’ll be there to answer questions and offer advice in the Facebook group, but you’ll also get access to me through a messaging app in case you aren’t comfortable sharing something in the group yet, or need to ask a quick question.

Each week a new module will unlock based on the day you started. You’re welcome to do the module the day it unlocks or if you need to wait a day or two that’s okay too. You’ll print out your workbook to fill out while watching the video, do a short meditation, and then watch that weeks module video (between 1-2 hours depending on the video). Then your focus the rest of the week is to implement the action step you were given. You’ll post about it in the group, and can comment during check in that I’ll post throughout the week. That’s it! This isn’t about spending hours watching content, it’s about taking consistent action that will challenge you a bit!


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